Friday, September 9, 2011

Langton 1/1200th & Valiant 1/900th Ancient Ships - Ready for Battle

Okay, only eight total ships, but it's a start.
Here are the three 1/1200th Langton ships - two quinquereme and one trireme (the one with two masts/sails). One of the quinquereme has a catapult. Really tiny stuff, but looks pretty much like what it should be.
And the five 1/900th Valiant pentekonters - which will be used as liburnians.
As you can see, they are all in a red/yellow color scheme borrowed heavily from the designs Eric Hotz created for his Roman Seas paper ships. My buddy already painted his Langton ships in blues; but I actually like red better anyway. Hope to get in a small Roman Seas refresher game soon.


  1. The color scheme is great and they look so cute!
    Your speed of production always impresses Dean.


  2. Frank: Thanks! I can highly recommend these to makers - the ships are superbly sculpted and go together well. Best, Dean

  3. The paint jobs would be impressive in any scale, and are particularly so in 1:1200. Splice the main brace.

  4. Fabulous stuff Dean. Again impressive results in a short space of time, I wish I had your concentration.

  5. Hi my name is Michael Gregor, I am looking to find about 100 miniatures of war ships preferably of triremes or Greek war ships, if those are not available something like a Spanish or British scout ship would be great too. Their size is important as I wish to use them as gaming pieces in the extended version of Catania I am building. I purchased the 10th anniversary edition a few years ago and want to build the sea farers expansion and build enough pieces to expand it to the full six player version. The ships would need to be a maximum of 2.5cm Long and .75 cm wide. 

    Do you sell anything like that or know any company that might? How much are the ones you sell if you do? And do they come pre painted?

    If at all possible I would like 6 different versions of the ships but if that is not possible that is fine.

    Thank you for your help.


    Michael Gregor