Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Droogish Interlude

Not at all wargaming related, but figured I'd post it anyway. It's part of a costume I'm putting together for Halloween - at least for work that day. Maybe they'll escort me out of the building and be part of my record for mental instability. Anyway, these are my take on the bleeding eyeball cufflinks worn by Alex in "A Clockwork Orange" - as if you astute blogites wouldn't already know. Here are the components used - some liquid latex, "vampire blood" and last but not least eye ball cufflinks off of ebay.
Here they are together; the latex backing on the left hasn't completed cured - it should become transparent like the one on the right. They will be trimmed once the "blood" is dried. Viddy well, viddy well. EDIT: This "blood" doesn't dry - I washed it off and will use paint instead.
Okay, now back to my rum and coke and block painting some Perry foot dragoons.


  1. Bit of the old ultra-violence.

  2. Thank, Roger. I just checked on the "blood" this morning & it appears this stuff doesn't dry. So, I washed it off and will use paint instead. Best, Dean