Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Great War - Trench Terrain!

Several of us showed up at The Game Matrix today hoping to meet a few gamers new to the area. However, they had to cancel at the last minute. Luckily I brought my French Poilus and Germans - including an A7V. As it turned out, we had more than enough figures and terrain to get a good game on. Bruce D. brought some of his French Foreign Legion - actually early-WW2, but looked fine on the table. James Ruth brought some of his British and a fantastic 8X4' modular trench terrain piece he scratch-built.
James is quite the terrain builder too - he has also built a fantastic looking Vauban fortress in 28mm - yet to be gamed! Anyway, here are some pics from the game. The scenario had the Allied British & French moving through No-Man's Land to oust the Germans from their trenches.
It ended in an Allied victory after numerous waves of Allied infantry attacks, and when the German A7V's 57mm cannon dropped their rounds short and killed off their own infantry.
Pat Lowinger (former host of SoCal Warhammer Radio) actually showed up at the tail end of the game. It was great meeting him in person and talking to him. In fact, a couple of us stayed quite a while after the game getting to know him better and discussing some near and long term gaming plans. Welcome to the Pacific NW, Pat!


  1. Man, thats a cool looking trench system.

  2. It is, really nice trench layout.

  3. It is really impressive in-person too. BTW, James, just returned from another deployment - he's an Active Duty AF EOD type. He's retiring soon though, so we hope to have him around more for gaming (& seeing his awesome terrain pieces!). Best, Dean

  4. What's up with Pat. I've just recently found his podcast and really was enjoying his transition to the historical side of things.

    Hmmm, did he give any indication that he would be podcasting again?

  5. I'll find out next time I see him - this coming Saturday. In fact, he may still be doing it - but, since he's no longer in SoCal, I assumed he was done with it. Best, Dean

  6. I am incredibly jealous of these brilliant terrain boards! The only thing I'd do to them is give them some drybrush-layers of different shades of camo green and perhaps some chalky white along the edges of the craters, now the colour of the terrain resembles semi-arid area's in the Middle East more then the West Front...

    Still, I'd love to put up a game on them, certainly with the new Over The Top rules.

    Cheers Sander

  7. Sander:

    You're are not off on your assessment; I should've mentioned that James did say they were still "unfinished" - he may add some highlighting to the board. He also plans to construct an underground bunker with lift-off top. But, as you can see, it is still an excellent place for figures to run around on. Best, Dean

  8. That makes sense. I like his style and focus.

    Podcasting is a lot of work and to do it consistently is a lot for a hobbyist to accomplish. It would be nice if there was a way for gamers to contribute to a show when they have content. Almost like a podcast magazine.

    Just thinking.

  9. IT: Be on the lookout in the not-to-distant future for podcast from Pat. He told us that that is exactly what he wants to do. Possibly the "first" one a review of TGW by players, new and not-so new to the rules. I will keep you posted. Best, Dean