Saturday, February 5, 2011

Foundry Hypaspists WIP

Painted up these Foundry Hypaspists to accompany the Silver Shields. Awaiting the arrival of some LBMS shield transfers. I ordered some transfers earlier, but the Alexander the Great head faced in the wrong direction - to the wearer's left. I want the head to face to their right; I did use one of the ones facing to the left on the standard for the Silver Shields.
The Foundry shields are a bit too convex for my tastes, and I had some left over Aventine shields that look perfect for them. Only problem is I only have six Aventine ones, so I modified two Foundry shields by filing down the face of the shield to make it less convex, and also added some Green Stuff to widen them a bit. The photo below shows how they compare.
I'd like to eventually double the size of this Hypaspists unit; maybe with some other makers.

Couple of "closer-ups":


  1. Fantastic results once again.
    I've had problems with shields in the past, "Black Tree" Spartans, the shields were huge and concaved so much that the hand couldn't touch the middle of the back of the shield. They're still sitting in a drawer somewhere as I don't have your sculpting skill or patience.

  2. Thanks for the compliment!

    BTW, Aventine sells their shields separately, but since I only needed two (for now, anyway) I figured I'd save a few bucks. If I need more, I'll likely order some and replace those two crudely modified ones. Regards, Dean

  3. Cheers, I intend to make some future orders with Aventine so I might grab some shields off them and see how they go with the BT Spartans. May paint them up yet.


  4. Your style looks great on these minis. Great painting!

  5. Very nice painting! I'm really starting to miss painting my ownMacedonians, now.

    I think the Foundry shields you have are the (nicer) older range. 1st Corps shields are supposed to be pretty suitable replacements as aspis, but I don't know what their profile is like.

  6. Always use the largest shiels... :-)
    I´m enjoying your macedonians progress.

  7. These are looking very nice indeed and I really like that blue on the helmets.


  8. I always think bigger shields look better.
    As ever, Wonderfull painting

  9. Looking good.

    I know there are some people out there do not really like using Green Stuff or worry about doing such thing as this as its a bit harder to get the GS smooth if you are not used to it. My suggestion to those people is try Brown Stuff, made by the same people as GS. It is much more suited to doing ridgid stuff like this, where GS is very much more suited to doing organic looking stuff. It is also easier to get smooth, it cures harder, and is very much sandable, not gumming up your sanding paper like GS would.

  10. Thank you all for the fine comments.


    I had 1st Corps shields, but traded them for smaller ones (to match Old Glory) - they have a fairly shallow profile - about the same as Aventines.


    Thanks for the tip about Brown Stuff - haven't noticed that one at my local game shop.

    Regards, Dean