Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to Convert Toy Palm Trees

Or close enough. These are plastic trees that decorated my oldest son's birthday cake, along with dinosaurs, about 10 years ago. Luckily they were saved from being thrown away and I added some paint and flocking. Surprisingly the acrylic paint covered the plastic very well; even without primer. Clear matte acrylic was sprayed as a sealer
They look about right for 28mm. They will be used along the River Phrygius for the Magnesia game. The Romans used the river to protect their left flank.

This is what the trees looked like prior to the painting and flocking; actually I've already dry-brushed some of the trunks and bases. Left over lead was glued under the bases using Epoxy.


  1. I keep looking in shops that supply stuff like this...for birthday cakes and weddingcakes but do I ever find them??? No.
    They look very good, I think they could work well for 20mm as well, coconut palms for instance.

  2. Thanks, Paul. I'm sure they'd work with 20mm too. Regards, Dean

  3. Hello Dean:
    these Palms look very nice!
    For Paul's Bods:
    in Germany the Company Preier made stuff fo Miniature Railway, also palms. They are 1:87 but are very big, so they work very well with
    28mm figures.

  4. They're nicer than the stuff that was on sale at the Cavalier show.

  5. Very nice conversion Dean!