Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cavalry Wedges

While awaiting the arrival of some orders to complete the Seleucid army - I figured I may as well build the movement tray for the Hetairoi wedge. The photo below shows a test fit with the figures I have now. The Relic Antiochus figure will actually be in the lead position, and the leader in silvered armor, a Magister Militum figure, will be moved to the second row alongside the standard bearer.
Some left over plywood from Joann's was measured and cut. Styrene plastic was glued on for the edging. As you can see in the picture, the edging wasn't too precise as I added acrylic caulking to blend it into the ground work.
The photo below shows the caulking applied, as well as magnetic sheeting.
Here's the wedge tray flocked.
In comparison to this wedge tray, I made one out of styrene plastic several years ago for some A&A Companions. This tray is rectangular and without the edging blended in. It was someone's suggestion that blending in the edging would make it look nicer - so I did it this time around.
Can't wait until the orders arrive to complete this army, so we can do some playtesting.

On a side note, we've had some fairly cold weather recently, it snowed a couple of days this past week. Slippery road conditions aside, still pretty nice. The dogs enjoyed it.


  1. It looks excellent. That space at the front almost sucks them forward and gives real momentum. The post is very useful as a guide too and does make it seem simple..!

  2. Thanks Porky. One thing you may want to ensure is to leave a little "wiggly-room" for the bases on the tray. Even a little flocking over the base edges makes it very tight sometimes. I gave it about 2-3mm extra all around. The last row has a little more space behind it for easier casualty removal too. Regards, Dean

  3. Very cool - I think I'll try to make some up for my lads

    Your painting is always inspiring.

  4. Very nice looking wedges! Especially the new one.


  5. Thanks, Gents!


    I also like the triangular tray better than the rectangular one. I may end up cutting the other one to the same shape too.

    Regards, Dean

  6. Very nice work, the triangle shape look great!

  7. The wedge shaped movement tray is GREAT! Excellent looking figures too!

  8. Very nice work! I also think the triangle shape is the best looking.


  9. Hello Dean,

    your Hetairoi units looks absolutly great. A very fine work as usual!
    Since a few days, I have an own Blog yet.I would be fine, if you could visit my blog!
    With best regards.