Sunday, January 30, 2011

Silver Shields "Argyraspides" Command

Being frugal, I opted to use the Foundry musician and standard bearer that came with the rest of the unit. However, I didn't want to use the officer as he's the same figure I have for another phalanx unit already. Luckily, Keith at Aventine had sent me a bunch of sample figures when I ordered some elephants from him. One of the guys for an elephant tower looked the part with his bearded face armor. The standard has an LBMS transfer. 
The only thing I had to do was add some Green Stuff to his lower legs, as well as the Foundry standard bearer's, to make it look like they have greaves on.
I just added stuff to make it appear they have top edging to their greaves, as well as the cloth straps that hold them on. I added a little bit to the rear to have it look like the openings of the greaves too.
Here is the finished Argyraspides unit with their North Star spears - ready to take on any vampire or werewolf with their silvered armor highly polished with garlic. At least that's what I'm told from this reenactment (@ 1:53).

The Foundry Hypaspists are being worked on now - their original shields have been replaced by larger Aventine ones that came with the tower crew for the elephants.


  1. Great looking figures and a superb unit. I'll be interested to see more in the same style.

  2. Fantastic looking regiment, well done.

  3. wow...
    Just AWESOME!

    Very nice colors. Purple looks great.

  4. Appreciate all of your comments. I'm happy they're done and now have the core phalanx units for a Seleucid army. Focus will now be on other more "exotic" units - maybe a Galatian unit with mixed weapons. Warm Regards, Dean

  5. Nice work, love the little touches on the banner and the greaves.

  6. Fantastic work - your combination of speed and quality is inspiring.

  7. Now I'm upset! You painted that Aventine figure so much better than I did. :-(

    They look great!


  8. Love the Seleucids and that is one beautifully painted and based unit!

    Great 'speedy' work once again Dean!


  9. WoW!!! How have I managed to miss these...?? They are very very well painted...

  10. Fantastic looking unit, well done!!