Saturday, January 30, 2010

Victrix Portugeuse Cacadores

Victrix has just released three sets of Portugeuse light infantry. They're listed as Cacadores, but the guys with rifles are normally called Atiradores (Riflemen). As soon as I saw the announcement I asked Chris Ewick if he could get them; as he has a Victrix supplier. He said he's put the order in and I have asked for a box each of these. These guys are in metal, so perfect for moving around the table as singles:
There are two of each pose in a set for a total of eight figures per set. I know you can't please everyone, but I would've been happy with two officers in the command set, but it actually comes with four - well, I'll have spare Big Men for Sharp Practice.

They should look really nice in their brown uniforms and contrasting facings. I read somewhere that the Portuguese made up about a third of the British forces in the Peninsula.
I also ordered some Perry British Rifles. For Sharp Practice, Rifles are never in formations, but operate in groups, this should allow players more units to control and move about. I plan to paint up one group as the 95th and another as the 60th. The 60th having blue trousers and red facings should make the British a very colorful army.
While I'm awaiting the arrival of these British troops, I'm working on a set of Perry French Infantry. I'm painting them up as Light Infantry. I understand that French Line and Light Infantry operated pretty much the same. However, the Light regiments may have been employed more often in their traditional roles by commanders.


  1. I'm about to start a whole heap of french infantry in the next few days around 450 so you your information will be very handy, come over and say hi.I'll be dropping in now and again to see how things are going.

  2. Kent:

    Have you seen this site? I think it's focus is the 1815 campaign, but the French uniform plates should be good for anything post-1812 (Bardin regulations). Dean

  3. I'm loving your Napoleonic stuff, there's some really lovely painting going on.

  4. Secundus:

    Thank you kindly; and congratulations on your recent award. Love your blog and cartoon drawings a lot. Dean