Sunday, January 31, 2010

Perry French Infantry WIP

Just a WIP update on the Perry French Infantry currently being worked on. These will be Light Infantry with predominately dark blue uniforms. Although they're in the post-1812 Bardin regulation jackets, I have no problem using them in slightly earlier scenarios. The Carabiniers and Chasseurs will be in on 40mmX40mm magnetic trays in groups of four. These guys will have the same characteristics as the Line Infantry Grenadiers and Fusiliers. The Voltigeurs of the Line and Light Infantry will also be on movement trays, but they will be allowed to break into skirmish if needed.

Their blue uniform was painted using a basecoat of two craft paint blues mixed with black - Americana True Blue, Ceramcoat Opaque Blue and Black. This is the blue combination used for all of the Napoleonics I've recently painted - mainly because that's the paint I have on hand. There really isn't an exact formula, and I just mix them until it looks right - but it's about a 45-45-10  ratio of the two blues and black. After the base coat was dry, I highlighted using the same (approximate) blue combination with increasing amounts of white added. This is similar to the so-called Foundry method - which I don't really use, but understand it is the use of two or more similar colors of varying degrees to create the highlights. I normally paint the basic color and then give it a wash of slightly darker basic color, and then highlight. I didn't intentionally plan to use this method, but as the base coat was really dark - it was painted on a black undercoat - I figured it would be best to lighten the basecoat in layers.
Anyway, I kind of jumped around painting these guys, I know the norm is painting from the inside out - starting with the flesh. However, I wanted to knock out certain things first, like the epaulettes of the elites and the shako plates, elite V's and chinscales of the uncovered shakos.

The majority are painted with blue trousers and the rest will have either white, gray or khaki trousers. This should give them an overall "bluer" appearance than their Line Infantry brethren.


  1. Great work so far, cant wait to see the finished unit.

    Can you clarify what you mean by painting from the inside out?


  2. Consul:

    "Inside Out" - basically painting from the flesh of the figure out - like you'd dress. Starting with the clothes you'd wear closest to the body and working your way out. It doesn't always work though - for instance, I dry-brushed the epaulettes first, so if I did the uniform first, I would've gotten some of the dry-brush work on the jacket. In reality, the epaulettes could go on after the jacket. Same as the shakos, I painted the plates and chinscales first, then the black for the shako itself - in reality, the plates and chinscales would go on last. Hope this helps explain "inside out." You see I'm back into Sharp Practice again :) Dean

  3. Dean, your Napoleonics are the only ones I ever see that make me want to take up the period myself! It's always a treat to see your work in progress.


  4. Jason:

    Thanks for the nice comment - BTW, Victrix and Perry plastic Napoleonics got me into the period :)! Dean

  5. Thanks for the tips - it's certainly put painting into a new perspective for me and I'll probably approach it a little differently!

    I agree that your Napoleonics are probably the best painted i've seen!

    Thanks for following the Macedonian blog - much appreciated!

  6. Excellent! Just discovered you're very inspiring blog. Thank you for sharing your work. I'm just beginning my own adventures into 28 mm plastic Napoleonics. Lov 'em!

    What colors are you using for flesh??? It looks good and I'd like to use the same.

    ~ Tom T

  7. Tom:

    Appreciate your comments. For the flesh - I used Vallejo Medium Flesh mixed with a little white. Then I gave it a light wash of Vallejo Flesh Ink/Stain. After the wash/stain is dry, I went over the highlights (like the nose, cheeks and chin) with Flesh mixed with a little white again. For the hair (over the same Flesh-white base) I used Vallejo Flesh Ink/Stain mixed with a little Black Ink/Stain. I didn't paint the eyes - the flesh ink/wash takes care of this. You could if you wanted to, but slows down the process too much and not really noticeable for gaming IMO. Also, if you wanted to you could add a little red to the flesh-white and paint a little of this on the cheeks and lips - if you wanted to add more detail. Again, for gaming, not really noticeable. Thanks again, Dean

  8. Thanks Dean, I greatly appreciate your help!

    I have my first eight Perry British assembled and waiting for priming. They look like they'll be a pleasure to paint. Now to find a source for Vallejo!

    Thanks again, looking forward to watching your progress!
    ~ Tom T