Sunday, January 24, 2010

Perry Carabiniers Finished

Well I finally got enough motivation to finish the Perry Carabiniers. Along with the earlier Cuirassiers, the Heavy Cavalry box is completed. Perry is supposed to release their Dragoon set in March; followed sometime soon after with their Hussars. Here are some shots of the Carabiniers.
  Here are some "family" photos of the Cuirassiers and Carabiniers.
These Carabiniers are in the post-1810 uniform; after Napoleon decided to armor them like the Cuirassiers. He made this decision after they received heavy casualties from Austrian Uhlans armed with lances in 1809.
Pre-1810 Carabiniers:


  1. Thank you Simon. Can't wait to see your Zama game. Dean

  2. These might be the single most beautiful 28mm figures I've ever seen painted. I'd be afraid to put them on the table they're so nice!

  3. Allan:

    Thanks for very nice compliment. I'm actually not so afraid to use them, as to have good scenario for them. Right now I only have British foot to use them against. Maybe I can see how they'd hold up against them in square. Regards, Dean

  4. Apologies for the belated comment Dean - but these are fantastic figures. The horses in particular are beautifully done.

    Mate, you're right up there with the pro's like Sasha Herm IMO.

    I've made reference to your results on my blog if that's OK and having painted a few myself, can't wait to see what you do with the box of Perry's French infantry!


  5. Doc:

    You're too kind - and no problem referencing stuff from this blog - my thoughts are anything I'm dumb enough to post on the internet is fair game. ;) Dean

  6. Very nice painting, I love the way you have painted the horses.

  7. Gorgeous looking minis Dean,
    A real Inspiration.
    Paul P