Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Projects

Hmmm, time to make some commitments for the New Year - which I wish the best to you all. Anyway, what did I do today - after having a superb buffet at the Emerald Queen Casino, I left the wife to play the machines & I headed off for The Game Matrix. I should add that I had Beef Wellington and Seafood Newburg for the first time. The prime rib was very good too, as well as the King and Dungenese Crab legs. BTW, Dungenese is tastier IMO.

Okay, back to my trip to The Game Matrix. I don't gamble and the smoke in the casino stuffs up my nose, so I drove the ten minutes from the casino to the store. I wanted to see if their Battle Honors WW1 stuff would match up with my OG figures. Nope, too big, but they'd be a perfect match for Great War Miniatures. Anyway, I ended up buying an Osprey book - German Army 1914-1918 and a box of Perry Napoleonic French Infantry. There was only one Perry box, but a lot of Victrix Highlanders. After opening a Victrix box and looking at all the parts on sprues, I decided against getting them. I might later on, but I need to finish up the box of Perry French Heavy Cavalry and now this box of French Infantry first. When I went back to pick up my wife, she had won enough money to cover not only the dinner, but also half of what I spent! Oh, and I would like to add that she only goes to the casino about once or twice a year, and only plays the penny machines. The last time she went to a casino was in July when my mom came for a visit. I felt I needed to add this as I don't condone gambling & in fact, my wife and I are very frugal - we have to be with my income ;).

So, as it stand my pending projects for 2010 (at least the stuff I have already requiring paint) are:

1 box of Perry French Napoleonic Infantry

1 box of Perry French Heavy Cavalry

30 Old Glory Japanese Infantry (for RJW)

10 Old Glory Japanese Cavalry (for RJW)

20 Old Glory Japanese Artillerymen (for RJW)

2 Old Glory cannon (for RJW)

10 Old Glory Turcopoles

12 Mounted German Feudal Knights (Old Glory & Battle Honors)

8 Crusader Late-Thracian Javelinmen

8 Crusader Gladiators

6 Old Glory mounted English personalities HYW Crecy/Poitiers;

Additionally, I have some Victory Force Minis Waffen SS with the faces (and eyes!) already painted, but still needing the rest painted; an Old Glory Viking ship with crew - I just wanted it before my OG Army membership ended last summer; some Redoubt Dendra-armored guys; and some Greek mythological figs. No pressing plans for these, so they're all on the back-burner.

The games I want to play this year, either for the first time or more often to get the rules down better are:

WAB - haven't played it since Enfilade

The Great War - plan to run a game at Drumbeat next Saturday

Roman Seas - have everything ready except deck troops, but I might use counters for the initial games.

Sharp Practice - actually want to finish up those Perry figures first.

That's enough on the plate, because I'm sure I'll be side-tracked as the year moves along.

Happy 2010 to all!


  1. Let's see more Sharp Practice!

  2. Agreed :)! My next few projects include Perry Napoleonics - when they're done I will get some Sharp's games in. Happy New Year! Dean