Saturday, September 19, 2009

Victrix French Drummers, Pioneer & Porte Fanion

Finished a few more figures - two more drummers and two metal Victrix "specialty" figures - a Sapper and a Porte Fanion NCO. Just in time for another round of Sharp Practice tomorrow.

The Sapper & Porte Fanion NCO are slightly shorter than the plastics - the Grenadier drummer next to them appears even taller with his bearskin. The metal guys are very compatible with the older Foundry Napoleonics I have.
These drummers are painted in slightly varying uniforms. The one on the left is painted as a drummer for the 65th Line, the center guy the 26th Line, and the one on the right is from several sources which seems to be a common uniform - basically standard uniform with yellow piping instead of the normal white.
I added "wings" to the drummers on the left & center by carving off the epaulets and adding Green Stuff. The body of the drummer on the left is from a Fusilier which I converted. I had to carve off one of the crossbelts. They will each be attached to a Big Man. With the cornet with the Voltigeurs, there is a total of five musicians for the six Big Men - need another drummer I suppose. The Victrix box actually contains another cornet (or two?), but I only have have one Voltigeur unit. The musicians can extend the range of the Big Men, of course.


  1. Sorry for posting too these way after you posted them, but these guys look freaken awesome!!! Brilliant!


  2. Marvellous looking fellows! I will keep digging this goldmine that is your blog, Dean!! :D Warm regards!!

    1. Thanks again, RM! I'm glad the blog can be of any use, or enjoyment. As many others, I like having a blog so I can go back and look up stuff in the past for reference and such. Warm Regards, Dean