Sunday, September 27, 2009

Old Glory 12th (13th) Cent. Infantry

Since I'm waiting on some Perry & Victrix Napoleonics ordered thru The Game Matrix, I figured I might as well work on some Old Glory stuff I've had laying around.

I decided to do a work in progress on the 12th Century Infantry from their Mongols in Europe range. They actually appear to be armored a bit later; more 13th Century by the full mail and kettle helmets they're wearing. Which is why they will be part of an Early Feudal army of the 13th Century. These guys were already given a black undercoat & mounted on Wargames Accessories metal bases. Some of them are on 40 X 20mm (two per base), and some singles on 20 X 20mm - which I had to cut.

This photo shows the mail in the process of Vallejo Natural Steel mixed with a little Vallejo Silver being dry-brushed on. The hauberks are getting the same treatment with a mixture of Vallejo Yellow, Saddle-Brown, & White. For the flesh, Vallejo Medium Flesh lightened with White were used. I wanted the leather and flesh in lighter colors as I will then give them a wash of Vallejo inks.
This photo shows them just having received a wash of inks. The skin was given a wash of Vallejo Game Ink Dark Flesh and the hauberks were given a wash of a mixture of Vallejo Game Ink Dark Flesh & Black. There are several 1st Corps Greek Hoplites in the back - since there was left over wash, and I hate wasting stuff. When you use washes, you want to have a good base coat several shades lighter than what you want the finished product to look like, as washes tend to stain and darken.
Here's an image of what I want these guys to look like - at least in spirit.
I just finished these guys - only need to spray seal & flock the bases. I have movement trays already for these guys to be in two units - 15 spearmen & 5 crossbowmen each.
And ranked up:
Not bad, only took about a day and a half to paint them - wargame standard of course. I also got to watch Sharp's Waterloo today too. Oh, I just remembered, I still need to paint their shields - I plan to use geometric patterns, similar to these:
The shields for these figures aren't as tall as these kite shields, but larger than heaters.

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