Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Round of Sharp Practice

Today, 9/20/09, played another game of Sharp Practice. This time Adrian came over & played the British. Dan & I played the French. Sort of the same scenario as last week. British attacking the French in garrison. Adrian used six blinds, four of which were dummy blinds.

I played the French left, and the Voltigeurs once again were the first to engage the British. Pretty much with the same result, as I can never bring up supporting units in time. The British being larger than the small group of Voltigeurs always end up breaking my Voltigeurs to excessive shock points - they never really get killed off that bad, though.
As Adrian had the British come up through the center and French left, Dan was on the other end trying to reach the battle in time. He never really got into the action by the time we called it quits.
I think we did learn a bit more about movement and firing, and the use of Big Men with groups and formations. The game actually brought up more questions than answers that we could find in the rules. I think they will be willing to try it out again - maybe. I'm willing to, but will also take a look at some home-made rules from Wes R. I'm still looking forward to painting up a few more boxes of Napoleonics - a set of Victrix Highlanders and a set of Perry French.

Addendum: The FAQs on the Two Fat Lardies site answered a lot of the questions we had. Ready for round 3, although I suspect Dan wants to try out his Foundry Napoleon rules.

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