Friday, September 25, 2009

Victrix Eagle Bearers

Here are three eagle bears representing the 8th, 27th, and 45th Regiments of the Line. These regiments served in the Peninsular and Waterloo, as well as many other famous campaigns and battles. The Victrix French Line Infantry set comes with eight different regimental flags. The others are the 2nd, 36th, 47th, 70th, and 105th Regiments of the Line.
The officer on the far right in the the actual figure type for the bearer, as he comes with the cross belt with for the standard. However, the other two are officer types and I've seen pictures of eagle bearers dressed similar to them - i.e. with greatcoat over their shoulders. The intent is to have different flags for different regiments for historical scenarios. In actuality, you really have to look hard to make out the numbers on the flags. Also, I should be able to use them for a set of Perry French Infantry which comes with the later tri-colors; in case I want them to appear in an earlier period.

With the completion of the two figures on the left, I have now finished all 60 figures that came in the one box. Not a bad deal at all - the figures costs about $0.50 each.


  1. I was doing some searching for my new Napoleonic project and found these brave chaps! They look terrific, love the detail!!

    1. Ah, thanks you so much RM. It's been a while since I visited your fine works. Yes, these are some of my first 28mm Napoleonics - very well-detailed and economically priced :) Regards, Dean