Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to Speed Paint Warlord EIR

They've just received a coat of Minwax Tudor Satin; I always brush on the stain as opposed to actual dipping. I also used some paint thinner with it as it seems to have dried a bit since opening. My buddy gave me a box of these figures for gluing some Victrix plastics together for  him.
Prior to staining, they were given a basic block paint job - except for the caliga (sandal-boot) which were dry-brushed. Admittedly a crude finish, but one which is enhanced a lot by the Minwax stain and the later close-rank basing and addition of the large shield - which will hide many imperfections.
The tunic color is a mixture of Vallejo Red and Medium Flesh; Vallejo Saddle Brown was used for the pteruges and other leather parts. For basecoat, Krylon Brilliant Silver was used. It's the same can that I used for the basecoat of two boxes Warlord Praetorians, as well a unit of Foundry Silver Shields a while ago. There's still a lot of paint left in the can too.
Hope to have the shields done tomorrow - adding the beautiful decals supplied with the box.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This silver undercoating method is borrowed (aka stolen) from the blog of painter extraordinaire James Brewerton I've used the method in the past and can attest to it's effectiveness and speed when coupled with the Minwax stain. Cheers!


  1. Undercoating in silver, a novel idea!

  2. The silver spray seems to work Dean. Nice results.

  3. You know I tried finding the Tudor stain you use and could never find it. Looked everywhere around here inc home despot and nada... Looking good!



  4. Silver is the main part of the uniform, good idea.....

  5. Well I never! When you think about it it makes perfect sense; silver undercoat, a great idea.

  6. Borrowing some 40k Space Marine techniques with the silver undercoat technique.

  7. Gentlemen, I cannot take credit for the silver undercoat idea - I found it on James Brewerton's blog (now linked in my post at the bottom). It is ideal for these Roman types.

    Eric: The only place I've (as well as others in the USA) have found Minwax Tudor Satin is at Ace Hardware. Can't explain why this is, but that is the strange truth.

    Best to all, Dean

  8. Interesting idea to basecoat silver, does it save time?

  9. Ken:

    For me, an unqualified YES - it definitely sped up the process. If you can live with the "dip" stain method, it is fantastically fast. Of course, you could get a entirely different effect using a black undercoat and dry-brushing the armor silver. It would look great too, but in a diffenent way - and guaranteed to take much longer. Best, Dean