Saturday, February 18, 2012

WAB AoA Gaming - 2/18/12

Several WAB gamers made it to the The Game Matrix today; including Old Bob all the way up from Oregon. At first I was going to play Bob, but then switched to take on James R.'s Hussites with my Late-Japanese. Adrian ended up taking on Bob's Macedonians with his Medieval English.The Japanese took a beating from the Hussites. The Japanese didn't have anything in their army that could destroy the wagons. With the crossbowmen and handgunners manning the wagon, it was an impossible task for the Japanese.
A decimated unit of Retainer spear did mange to reach a wagon; however, hardly anything could be done to the Hussites behind their well-defended position.
Soon all four Retainer units, two each bow and spear, were destroyed - mostly by long range fire from the Hussites in their wagons. By turn 5 it was declared a Hussite victory; practically all of the Hussite units were still intact, and only the Bushi infantry remained in strength. Even the Bushi cavalry had taken a beating - again from long range covered fire.

On the other table, it appeared Adrian's English were getting the better of Bob's Macedonians
In spite of the feeling like the Takeda at Nagashino, it was still a nice game day - two diverse WAB games being played simultaneously, as well as a large Martian game also going on with most of the NHMGS regulars. It was very nice to have Bob make it - considering he drove up from another state! We plan on more games in the near future - WAB and others too.


  1. If only your Japanese had long range artillery..............he would have had to leave his defences!!!

  2. If the Hussites annihilate someone else before Enfilade, I probably won't bring them to the tournament.

    Point wise, the wagon tabors are too low in cost. I shouldn't be allowed to put ten stubborn crossbowmen with LD 8 in a wagon (defended obstacle, hard cover and -2 saving throws) for only 125 points.

    I think the Hussites can be beaten with artillery, by attacking flanks, using cover, avoiding shooting contests, and fast moving skirmisher screens to get your stronger melee units in to contact unmolested.

    The Hussites pack in tight with Tabors and one failed morale roll could affect nearly the whole army.

  3. You should bring them; unless you're thinking of another army. I think Pat has a Roman army with some bolt and stone throwers - might do the trick to your wagons :)! Dean

  4. They look interesting games, I've never played inter-period games before, must throw up some other strange encounters??

  5. Ray:

    It does seem strange at first; but for the Samurai vs. Hussites, I started to think it was not unlike the Takeda charging into fortified positions with arquebusiers at Nagashino. And I used the same tactics - charged straight ahead instead of trying to break through a flank. Dean

  6. Great looking figures from all the players!

  7. I'm always impressed by the quality on show in these games; great stuff Dean.

  8. Being able to game on Saturdays instead of having to work, such decadence.
    Seriously though some nice paintwork on display by all concerned, interested to know where your friend sources his Hussites.
    Regards HGA.

  9. Very nice!! I always like to see your batreps with hundreds of painted miniatures.


  10. Enjoyable report and pics. Better luck next time!