Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scythed Chariot by 1st Corps

This is a fairly straight-forward model. I'm not sure if I have the horses spaced out correctly as the scalloped out parts of the yoke don't exactly line up where it meets the horses. I had to do this because of how the two poles from the chariot body only allows so much space for the horses. I bent the poles slightly to allow the two inside horses to fit between them.
I didn't realize until after I ordered that it came with two types of drivers - randomly selected by 1st Corps. This one appears Persian - with a conical helmet. The other type of driver is more "Seleucid" with the same kind of helmet and face mask like their Hetairoi and Agema cavalry.
The driver's right hand was drilled out to accept a whip. The kit comes with a metal one, but I plan to add one from melted plastic sprue - for it's flexibility.
This will be the lone chariot in the Seleucid army. It's mainly for looks and the fact that no Seleucid army would be complete without at least one. I can forgo camels though. In WAB - and historically - they are one hit wonders; if they hit at all.
ADDENDUM - base flocked & whip added.
Next up are Old Glory Gaesatae; followed by Old Glory Gallic Noble cav and Scythian mounted archers. Once these are done, the Seleucid army will be complete.


  1. Very nice Dean, lovely detail.


  2. Awesome - wow look out!


  3. Great stuff Dean, that is only thing I am missing from my army...might have to grab a couple I think.

  4. Stunning,
    Really cool.

  5. I love your Chariot, it's looking great. Are the 1st Corps really 25 mm? Or will they work together with the Aventine figures?
    Cheers Wolfgang

  6. Thank you all for the great comments!

    Wolfgang: I think 1st Corps are about 25-28mm - the match great with OG, Foundry, Crusader and others. However, the Aventine guys I have are a bit larger. As a separate unit they'll be fine, but mixed in, might be a little bit noticeable. Check out the Aventine guy who's a leader for the Silver Shields unit.

    Warm Regards, Dean

  7. Great work as always.

    However, that's done it now as I'll have to get one for the Seleucids too.

  8. Allen:

    Thanks again! I should've just called them "Nekid Gauls" :) Warm Regards, Dean

  9. Very interesting

    An alternative from teh Army Painter approach?