Friday, March 11, 2011

Chiron and Medusa

Still waiting on the Old Glory and 1st Corps orders; decided to paint up these mythological characters
Got these awhile ago off of ebay from Miniature Giant for about $1.00 each.

They join an earlier completed Pan (also from Miniature Giant), and a Reaper Hercules.
I actually ordered two Medusas; and used one - we'll just her head - for a Mycenaean standard.

Incidentally, it seems I can't upload images like I used to. I now have to go to HTML mode to get them in. Hope it corrects itself later, I'm not used to seeing all this computer script.


  1. Lovely stuff, especially the full medusa but the medusa standard is really great.

  2. That's good looking stuff. Well done.

  3. Great painting, totally agree with The Angry Lurker above, the Medusa is beautiful.

  4. Thanks, Gents!

    I did spend more attention to Medusa's face for the standard. The full-figured Medusa was done up pretty quickly - mostly dry-brush, and a little bit of detail afterward.

    Thanks for the comments as always! Regards, Dean

  5. all look very nice. i had a simular problem with the pictures awhile back if I can remember how I fixed it i will post it in another comment
    Peace James

  6. prob not the same problem you have but for me I had the wrong tab open on the create new post bit you want to be in the compose tab not edit HDML
    Peace james

  7. James:

    Thanks for the comment & info. Earlier some images wouldn't show up as thumbnails on the blog list I have on the homepage. BTW, I use Firefox for my browser - never had problems before. Regards, Dean

  8. Great to see some traditional Greek mythology miniatures painted so well.


  9. Hi Dean,
    wonderful figures and a great painting!
    I really have to read again the adventures of Odysseus and all the others Greek Myths. And also paint the Trojan Heros from Foundry.
    Puuh, so many ideas and too little time! I always thought, being out of work I have all the time, but the trues is, I have less time as ever!
    Have a nice Sunday,
    Cheers Wolfgang

  10. Aewsome job on the mythological figures!


  11. Great idea on that standard, nice shade of green by the way