Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sash & Saber French Foot Artillery

The Sash & Saber figures arrived yesterday up at the Panzer Depot . John, the owner, emailed me to let me know they were in. After meeting with my gaming buddy, Adrian, this morning to discuss our  Enfilade WAB game, I took the drive up to Kirkland to pick up the figures. Another fellow gamer, Lawrence B. , rode up with me. It looked like there was a large Flames of War tourney going on up there when we walked in. Lawrence picked up a box of Victrix French Infantry. Anyway, the S&S figures look great - just like they look on their site. The only thing I wish they had were the carrot-shaped pompoms - instead they have ball pompoms on their shakos.

The set of ten figures will be broken down into two units to man the two guns I already have. There's even a nice stack of backpacks int he set.
Here's a quick comparison shot with two S&S figures in the middle and plastic Perry and Victrix figures flanking them. They look like they'll be okay on the table together. Especially since they'll be in their own units manning the guns.
These should be fairly quick to paint up - basically in all dark-blue uniforms and red piping/trim. I finally have some French with long gaiters!

A very nice illustration of Line Foot Artillery, pre-Bardin regulations.


  1. Nice looking figures Dean - be interested to see how they turn out. That artillery piece in the illustration looks the right colour - dark olive green. What make of artillery are you using to go with the S&S figures?


  2. Doc:

    The guns (12 pdrs) are also Sash & Saber. I thought I was going to use Victrix or Perry figures to crew them, but changed my mind. I may get a set of Perry Guard Artillery with 6 pdrs and swap the crews, as 12 pdrs normally with the Guard. I just wanted some crew right away for the Sharp Practice game I'm hosting next month. Regards, Dean