Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Did You Hear About ...?

The new WAB Second Edition (aka Version 2.0) being released soon? I'm sure you've seen the announcement on  TMP  , but I'd be remiss to not announce it here also. This is called the "WAB Corner" after all. Even though, I've kind of let Napoleonics - specifically stuff to do with Sharp Practice - take over recently. However, that said, I'm looking forward to the new set of WAB rules


  1. I got an email from Warhammer Historical, but I have way too many projects already planned... Plus I don't know anyone who plays, though some do in Vancouver.

  2. I'm very lucky to belong to a small group of dedicated WAB-gamers here in my local area. We actually hosted a couple of WAB games last year at Enfilade (as well as a couple of Drumbeats in Seattle). A few years before that they held a pretty large Shieldwall game (I wasn't part of it). We might even host a game or two on Sunday during the open period this year. Dean

  3. Yes indeed!I happy as can be.I've been waiting a long,long time for this!:-)