Thursday, April 22, 2010

Battle of Heraclea - A Farewell to WAB 1.5 Game Proposal

As a sort of joke, I posted a message on the  Puyallup (War)gamers Yahoo group to see if anyone was interested in hosting a "Farewell to WAB 1.5" game at Enfilade next month. Adrian N. who is a big supporter of WAB quickly took the bait. He offered up his excellent Republican Romans which he has used several times against Carthaginians. At first I was thinking of a scenario using the Samnite Wars. However, after I got home and took a look at my available forces, it was apparent that I didn't have enough Hoplites and Samnites to battle Adrian's close to 3K point army. Instead, I think we'll go with a Battle of Heraclea scenario. This way I can beef up the army with my three phalanx units and heavy cavalry wedge - not to mention my lone towered elephant. I really don't like to play elephants as I find them too much trouble for what they're worth - but since they were a factor historically, I will put one on the table. Here's a quick snap shot I just took:
I would like to add some mercenary archers and slingers - so, hopefully someone will have some for Enfilade (only five weeks away). This game will be on Sunday - my Sharp Practice game will be on Friday. Now we have this game to play-test too!

Check out this page about a WAB-version of the battle by Jeff Jonas - it is actually linked at the bottom of the Wikipedia site of the battle! Our game will be a much scaled-down version of Jeff's, of course.

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