Monday, December 21, 2009

Old Glory WWI German Trench Fighters

Here's a group of figures I've had for awhile. In fact, they were the first WWI figures I ordered - along with the OG French Trench Fighters set. I don't even know if Warhammer's Great War rules were out yet, but I just liked the look of the figures. Now, they will supplement two platoons of regular infantry. The other figures are in the older uniform wearing pickelhaubes, but I don't mind getting these guys in the fight. It's hard to make out in the photo, but the trousers (hosen) are the stone-grey type introduced in 1915 and used for a little while - with or without red piping. When a better material was found they reissued trousers in feldgrau again in 1917. The stahhelm (steel helmet) these guys are wearing was introduced in 1916. However, not all troops received the newer helmet at once. There are photographs of Germans at Verdun (Feb-Dec 1916) still wearing the pickelhaube. Then again that was a very long battle.

Here's a posed shot that could be captioned, "It's gonna get real hot real soon!" or something corny like that. OG French defending.

And last, but not least - the OG Hussite War Wagon that I traded with a fellow TMPer for my Great War Miniatures Jagers came in the mail today. There was also a bunch of handgunners and flailmen thown in - more than I had expected. This piece will carry the Battle Standard for a Feudal German army.

I must say that I've had several very good trades using TMP - including the hoplite shields on a recently completed Greek army.

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