Friday, December 11, 2009

Perry French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry

Alas, before I could work on some figures for Great War, I got sucked into another project. This time it's a box of Perry French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry. I had asked Chris Ewick of The Game Matrix to order me a box sometime ago - when I was deep into Sharp Practice. I hadn't heard from Chris in a while, and I thought it may have been due to the postal strike in the UK. In the interim I'd shifted interests, first Roman Seas, then some 1st Corps and OG hoplites. Anyway, Chris emailed me yesterday to say the box was in - so, like a fool I stopped in the Game Matrix today.

Long story short, these are some really nice figures.There are enough parts for 14 mounted- either all Cuirassiers or all Carabiniers (post- 1810 uniform). The box includes six casualty figures (three each French and British). Four flags, two for each for type of cavalry are also included. Since I only plan to use them in small skirmish scenarios, I opted to build both types of cavalry in two units of 7. Even though Carabiniers in this later uniform never fought in the Peninsula, I couldn't resist the white coats and copper-plated breastplates. I can always order more if I "need" bigger units. Since there are 14 heads of both types, I have a lot of spares - I plan to use the Carabinier heads on some Victrix French Infantry to represent some eagle guards.

For whatever reason, three trumpeter bodies (torsos) are included, so a musician for each unit was no problem. There is only one arm carrying the staff and eagle. However, I had a spare Victrix staff and eagle, so with a little conversion on a sword arm, I had an eagle bearer for both units.
The horses are very beautiful and come in halves - so poses can be varied. There was only one horse with an officer saddle - which I will use for the Cuirassier officer. For the Carabinier officer's horse, I cut off the portmanteau (saddle bag on the rear the saddle blanket) from one of the horses - as officer didn't have these. Then added Green Stuff for the blanket. I still need to add the sword scabbards and maybe the carbines. I recall reading somewhere that they didn't really like carrying the carbines. The box includes six casualty figures - three each French and British.. All in all, I don't regret ordering these.

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