Saturday, August 1, 2009

Victrix French Update

Okay, I've finally finished painting some of these guys. Only ten Grenadiers right now. The temperature finally dropped down enough so I could put the finishing touches on these guys. As anyone here in WA State knows this past week had record highs - 100-plus degrees. I'm also recovering from a stomach ailment - maybe a combination of the heat & mild food poisoning. Anyway - here are a couple of photos:I had a slight problem with the base coat. The flat white spray (from Walmart) went on some figures a bit rough. This made the finish too bumpy for some stuff - like the officers sword, so I ended up scraping the paint off & applying a new smoother base coat. I need to be sure to remember this the next time I prime figures with spray paint. Smooth finish base coat is good, rough is bad.

Overall, these aren't t terribly hard to paint, just a lot of tiny (& time-consuming) details - like the piping around the collars, cuffs, turnbacks & lapels. Oh, and I almost forgot to paint the cockades on the bearskins - I noticed I'd forgotten to paint them while flocking the bases. Now, I have 50 more similar figures to paint. The Voltiguers are next; then the four "companies" of Fusiliers. Actually only about 10 figures each, but they will have the four different colored pompoms for each of the four companies.

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