Saturday, August 8, 2009

Victrix French Line Voltigeurs

The left wing "elites" of the line battalion. Next up the Fusiliers & "Big Men."

Skirmishing in front of an old Spanish church (from Old Glory).


  1. These again are great! I have been collecting Perry stuff for a while and will start painting them when I finish my 15mm stuff.

    Here is the ummm "list"
    10 boxes Perry French Inf.
    8 boxes Perry Brit Inf.
    4 boxes Perry Dragoons
    2 Boxes Perry Cuirasiers/Carbiniers
    4 boxes of Hussars...

    Ugh that is a lot of work come to think of it...LOL I do not think you live too far from me? I live in Northern Ca. you are in Oregon right?

  2. Hello - I'm actually up a little further - Puyallup (near Tacoma), WA State. I was stationed at Fort Ord, CA from Feb 81 to Jan 84. I loved the area - used to cruise Hwy 1 and 101 all the time - up to Oakland and down to So Cal. A lot of folks in the unit lived in CA and I'd take off on weekends to visit with them.

    Wow - You have a lot of Perrys - they're all great and you'll have a fine army. Regards, Dean