Thursday, August 27, 2009

Victrix French Infantry Completed

...and ready for Sharp Practice? I finally managed to finish a box of Victrix French Infantry. Took awhile due to a intermittent periods of lack of motivation. I'm happy with the results. Here's what they look like. (pics of the grenadiers & voltigeurs were posted previously. )

Fusilier companies:
Eagle bearer, guards, and drummer:Battalion:


  1. Great looking stuff Dean. I've been just a little bit intimidated by my Victrix Brits, and have been doing other stuff in the short term. I'll have to get started at some point.

  2. Kevin:

    Thanks - I agree, the jumble of plastic sprues are intimidating at first. This was my second box - did the Brits earlier & still was a bit taken aback when I opened the French box. That said, the gluing together of the parts (mostly arms, heads & backpacks) isn't so bad once you get into a rhythm. I'm debating to get a box of Highlanders - I don't think I can paint 60 kilts! I'd be willing to split the box with someone :)!

  3. Dean,

    What color blue did you use for your French?


  4. Matt:

    I used a mixture of paints that I already have on-hand; craft paint from Michael's. The blue is a combination of Ceramcoat Black, Ceramcoat Opaque Blue, and Americana True Blue. The Opaque Blue is a deeper blue than the True Blue. I'm sorry to say that I couldn't tell you the exact ratios, I just mixed them in the palette until I thought it looked "right." However, I did add the black sparingly. I added white to the mix for the highlights/folds. Hope this helps, Dean