Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Saga Game Day - Polish Crusader Warband vs. Vikings

Well, I finally got in another Saga game today using a newly formed Polish warband using the list in the Age of Crusades. Most of the figures were painted a long time ago and used in both WAB and Lion Rampant games in the past. The only new figures are a unit of levy bowman using Fireforge plastics. The warband did well against my buddy's Viking warband. I managed to kill off his unit of Berseker hearthguard and Gael warriors with my double-sized unit of mounted hearthguard and mounted warriors. The mounted hearthguard also took out his his warlord. My levy bowmen also took out most of his levy bows too. Here's the Polish Crusader warband below - if  I were to play them again I'd add another unit of levy bow. In fact, I only used two units of levy spears because they were already painted.

Here's a few shots from the game.
The Polish center and left wing - left to right: unit of mounted warriors, double-size mounted hearthguard, warlord in the rear of one of the levy spears, and finally levy bowmen. Oh, I should add that we didn't use a mat - and played on the bare table top. Note to self - need to get a 3x4' mat for Saga.
My buddy's Viking warband - left to right: Gael warriors (with double melee attack dice), levy bowmen, Bersekers with warlord behind them, and a unit of Shield Maidens.
My double-sized unit of mounted hearthguard charging into the Berserkers and about to totally destroy them - leaving their warlord open to a subsequent attack. I think this was when he activated his Gaels, and I used the Terror of the East rule to react by charging an enemy unit (the Bersekers) within Medium range (6") - it also added 2 defense dice which weren't needed as the initial attack destroyed them.
The Polish mounted warriors supported on their right by a unit of levy spears. I used the mounted figures with lances to indicate the hearthguard. Most of the warrior figures have handheld weapons.
Polish levy bows on the left whittling down the Viking levy bows.
Polish mounted hearthguard about to take out the Viking warlord. Although it wasn't used, the Polish board has a "Squires" special rule which allows a warrior unit with Short (3") from a hearthguard unit to swap casualties with it. I tried to keep the warrior unit next to the hearthguard unit for this reason.
Polish left wing - two intact units of levy, one each spears and bows; the Warlord comfortably behind them.
We kept playing after the Viking warlord was killed, and the Polish mounted hearthguard went on to destroy the unit of Gael warriors. My buddy erred by removing my two fatigues and reducing my armor to 3 - whereas he should've increased his warriors' armor since I was the attacker and destroyed his unit before it could retaliate.
End of the game with the Viking warlord and two of their units destroyed.

I should add that I didn't attend last Saturday's game day at Fort Steilacoom because I cancelled my game a few weeks ago. The reason being is I apparently got Covid, but thought it was allergies as the symptoms were very mild. Only after giving my wife the bug and she got tested did I realize had it. I actually recovered quickly and tested negative but didn't want to take the chance of spreading it at the game day. I think I picked it up a few weeks ago after attending not one, but three different gaming events - a Black Powder game with about 7 players, followed by a Chain of Command game with 5 players, and then a game day where I hosted a Rebels and Patriots game with 5 players. I actually thought I had an allergy as the symptoms were not only mild, but we had heavy smoke during the time from nearby fires. Oh well, I can finally say I actually got the thing after over three years without. Anyway, thanks for checking out the blog and wishing you all the best!


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    1. Thanks a lot Michal. I was very pleased with how they performed too. Kindest regards, Dean

  2. Lovely armies, and a nice win, Dean. Glad your COVID was so mild. It's an odd disease with a spectrum from minimal symptoms to fatal. It certainly seems to be evolving towards more infectious and less serious overall, as would be expected, plus by now almost everyone has either had multiple vaccines, or had COVID, or both, so overall immunity is much better than in 2020!

    1. Thank you very much, Peter. Agree about the bug - heck I would routinely come down with something in the winter months and never thought it was odd or worrisome. Warmest regards, Dean

  3. Very nice looking warband Dean and good to hear covid didn't effect you very much!


    1. Thanks a lot, Christopher! Yes, I was sort of surprised I caught it - as I've been vaccinated (not the last booster), and try to stay relatively healthy. Although I do drink alcohol, so that may have weakened my immune system a bit. In fact, I did have a few drinks the week I played those three back to back games in one week - just to wind down! :) Kindest regards, Dean

  4. Super looking warriors Dean. Glad to hear covid was mild. Keep well.

    1. Thanks a lot, Richard! Yes, I've felt far worse in the past with the "common" cold :) Best regards, Dean