Thursday, September 21, 2023

AW Miniatures F&IW French Infantry

Tried out AW Miniatures for the first time after seeing a size comparison of them with various other F&IW figures. I wanted something with similar size and bulk as the largish Foundry SYW French and British already in the collection. Ordered a small 8-figure pack off of ebay and was happy to see that they are indeed on the larger side of 28mm as the Foundry figures. They match very nicely in size and sculpting style to the Foundry figures - in fact, the AW figures' tricornes are a tad larger, but not too noticeable.

The figures are painted in pairs to represent various regiments which will eventually have 12-figures each. In the photo above, left to right: Cambis with red facings and waistcoat - they have alternating pewter and copper buttons and alternating silver and gold lacing on their tricornes; Marines with blue facings, waistcoats and breeches; La Reine with red facings and blue waistcoats; and La Sarre with blue facings and red waistcoats. I'm awaiting the arrival of an order of Redoubt French which will hopefully also match these. Plan to have 12-man units of each of these regiments for Rebels and Patriots.
These are listed as just French infantry, but the sword and bayonet combination was usually associated with grenadiers.
Comparison shot above, left to right: 1-Foundry; 2-AW; 3-Foundry; 4-AW; 5-Redoubt; 6-AW. Since the Foundry and Redoubt figures were painted 9 or so years ago, I forgot what colors I used. Vallejo Flat Red seemed to match perfectly, but the blue was hard to figure out. I ended up mixing a little green with the Vallejo Flat Blue to try and replicate the earlier painted blue - including the Redoubt Marines in undress uniform. As the Foundry figures are in mostly standing at the ready poses, the AW firing poses will be a nice addition to them.  
Rear comparison above - left to right: Foundry; AW; Foundry; AW. Note the Foundry guys have minimal equipment - no backpacks, and only the grenadiers have the sword and bayonet combination.

In addition to the Redoubt order, I also have a Foundry order with more British from their SYW range. The plan to is have enough figures for a 6-player game using the Siege of Louisbourg as the scenario. This will based upon the initial beach assault by General Wolfe which consisted of grenadiers, the 78th Highlanders, and light infantry and rangers. Just all the cool kids. Lol! Until next time, wishing you all the best in health and hobby pursuits.


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    1. Thanks a lot, Ray. Enjoying the resisting of the period. Kindest regards, Dean

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    1. Thanks. Michal. Nowhere near your high quality brushwork, but good enough for mass production. Warmest regards, Dean

  3. Your work on these Frenchmen is superb!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words again, Jonathan! Warmest regards, Dean

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    1. Thank you very much, Richard! Warmest regards, Dean