Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WH 40K Space Marines - Captain Papillon & Sergeant Bullitt

Here are Captain Papillon and Sergeant Bullitt (saving the name of Jake Holman for the Terminator leader).
I'm not good at free-hand lettering, so left off any clever writing on the scroll of the Captain's banner. I did try my hand at painting those electrical currents on the sword.
Still need to get some nice flocking material for the bases - rubble and possibly skulls would be in order. I will take a group photo once I flock all of the bases - including the previously painted Space Marine troops.


  1. Can not believe you have gone over to the dark side :)
    Never done much for me 40k but hope you have fun
    Peace James

  2. LOL! Thanks, James. Appreciate your kind words in spite of the shock of my new endeavor. :) Best, Dean

    P.S. This will likely not last - I'm practically over Warhammer Fantasy already.

  3. Love the lightening effect. They look great. Lots going on Witt the sculpts, which is very GW.

  4. Great Dean , love the colors .

  5. Lovely work, great colors Dean!

  6. Coming along very nicely indeed. Loving the themed naming convention too!

  7. Hats off to you for such a big changeup in painting style. I love it!

    Out of curiosity, what put you off WH Fantasy? As I was following you here, I was getting a hankering for fantasy as a break from all my historical.

  8. This is really nice work, very tidy indeed.

    Well done!

  9. Really good looking figures. Nice technique with the detailing on the sword.


  10. Thanks for the great comments, Gentlemen.

    I found the "lightning" effect on this site
    Pretty straightforward technique, with decent results.

    @ Monty - I dunno, not the rules or the figures at all - still like them and will continue to play them. But, I suppose I needed a slight change in painting projects. That said, I have a unit of the newer Hangunners to paint up - picked them up intending to use some to man the airship.

    Warm Regards to all, Dean

  11. You really are flying with the new 40K miniatures, tremendous work Dean.

  12. I like the gritty, desaturated feel.


  13. Great job! I love the weathered look. I'll check out the tips on lighting.

  14. Flipping stunning...again, wow DEAN WOW!