Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hotz Mats

The Hotz mats I ordered just about a week ago have arrived! Thanks for the quick shipment Eric!

Here is one that will be used for a set of home grown rules that Bruce M. of Company B came up with. Actually, the rules are for his "Bots" game using robots, but can easily be adapted for gladiators. This is the larger (23.5 X 23.5") Sand Brown version that is bit richer in color than in the flash-washed photo.
This is the Sea Blue-Gray mat with 1.5" hexes. The mat is 72 x 45" and should be large enough for the 60-odd 1/1200th ships I have. Plan to use it next Friday at one of our annual Truants games - this is the third year  the few of us who don't work on Fridays (at least during the summer for our educators, Kevin and Mark) meet for ad hoc gaming.
For the naval game next week, I'm thinking of trying out either Delos or Diodochi, a couple of free rulesets that are listed on the Roman Seas website. I think they may work better for the scenario - larger fleets (30-plus per side) and no player experience. Not to mention the GM, me, being quite the novice with Roman Seas.


  1. That gladiator mat is especially nice!

  2. Cool mats! They could useful for many different things.


  3. They look brilliant, could be seriously tempted by the gladiator mat.

  4. Thanks, Gents! They are indeed very nice and well made mats.

    Michael: I hemmed and hawed for a while with the Gladiator mat, but am very pleased I finally got it.

    Best, Dean

  5. Great looking mats! I may be able to swing by, if not join you guys next Fri, if that's okay. (I'm trying to get some landscaping scheduled before then).

  6. Very nice post, gladiator at is great!