Sunday, May 29, 2011

Battle of Magnesia - Enfilade! 5/29/11

My buddy Adrian and I ran our Magnesia game using WAB 2.0 rules this morning. We had play-tested this game over a month ago, and didn't have time to do another one, but it went off fine - I think.
We called the game at the end of Turn 5; we all agreed it was likely a Seleucid victory. The Roman Army General was killed in Turn 3 and this pretty much caused a chain reaction down the line with most of the Roman units failing their Leadership Test. Antiochus and his Companion wedge pretty much sat out the battle. This is totally the opposite of what he did historically - which was lead the charge well into the enemy and losing contact with this infantry.
Bob Hathaway (aka Old Bob on TMP) from Oregon was gracious enough to bring up an Aventine Tarentine cav unit for the Roman's right flank. Adrian had a unit of Relic Tarentines, but developed painter's block.
Everyone had a great time and I'd say I'm far from looking for a new set of Ancients rules. I may post nicer photos once Adrian posts the ones he took - I was busy discussing the finer points of the game with not only the players but Mike Evans of Relic Miniatures who drove down from Vancouver, B.C. He's a great guy and brought some new figures he's working on for us to comment on - he also gave us some free figures. What a great guy!

Addendum: Photos taken by my buddy Adrian:


  1. Great looking game of a favourite battle! Thanks for posting it. What did you use for the table mat? It sets the figures off nicely.


  2. Great looking game - how do you manage teaching the rules to beginners and still manage to have a good game?

  3. Thanks, Gents!

    Aaron: The game mat belongs to my buddy - I can't remember the name of who makes them - I'll ask him and post an update.

    Miles: Thanks again as always - I gave the players a QRS for both the WAB game play and also for the Seleucid army - basically the characteristics that come into play (e.g. only WS if the unit has no missile weapons, etc.) and any special rules. Also, when GMing, we always move action from one side of the table to the other & keep players staying in game-sequence. We also really like the rules so it's pretty much fun even GMing - we tend to take the sides of our armies as the battle heats up though :)! Dean

  4. Excellant looking game!! Nice little write up too.

  5. Dean,

    I think the contribution you guys gave to the hobby today was outstanding. Not only from the the 100% painted armies but even down to the matt details and other scenery.

    I was also amazed at how many manufacturers were represented on the table (with the differences in scale 25mm-29mm) and how they all blended in nicely overall.

    Keep up the great work!


  6. Great looking game and a enjoyable report. So WAB is still alive, good to read. Thx, Michael

  7. If I could have attended the con, I would have definately signed up for this game! You and Adrian put on a great show.

  8. Beautiful game and fantastic figures, your photos show great detail of the painting. Bravo!

  9. I had the fortune of playing in this very well put on and beautiful game. Thanks Dean and Adrian!

    I commanded the Seleucid left flank (the Tarantine light cav, the Gallic noble cavalry, the Galatian warband, the Sythed Chariot, and some nameless foreigners with bows).

    Our plan was to strip away the enemy skirmishers and then pound the legions with the elephants and chariot while hitting them on the right flank with the cavalry. I was to delay them on my flank while the right swung around.

    After maneuvering for a few turns I was able to drive off his skirmish cavalry but was forced to leave my cavalry too far forward to cover the warband and was charged by the enemy general and companions. After a very close fight (I did more hits but he saved every one) the cowardly Gallic ig-nobles fled the field and were cut down. However this left the enemy cavalry within charge range of my warband and they drove the attack home with visions of severed heads on door posts. The young general chose to fall back and fortune smiled on us he too was cut down (his fall back roll was much smaller than the warband’s). This caused a ripple of panic to through the Roman lines. At the same time we had finished stripping the enemy skirmishers from the front and the elephants and chariots drove through the two roman legions.

    In hind sight our plan worked but we were lucky. The elephants did not run amuck and the enemy failed a few key morale rolls and the general’s fallback roll. I was glad to squash the Roman hopes of empire and give them a little Gallic revenge.

    It was interesting how the skirmisher battle does not make or break a battle but certainly sets the stage for the end battle, particularly when there are elephants to protect. Although, I dutifully frown on any GW related products I must admit that I like Warhammer Historical. It does a nice job of the playability to detail ratio. The beautiful hardbound rule book makes me want to give them money. I also liked that while stronger troops tend to win there is always a chance of a dramatic turn around.

  10. Thanks again everyone.

    Damond: Great run down of the action near you; in fact, being on the right most of the time, I wasn't clear on how the Roman general was killed until you described it in detail in your comment. Thanks! Regards, Dean

  11. We played at our local club, this battle, a year a go. We played in 1/72. The measurements of the table was 5mx2,5m.
    If you want to see the pictures or another information, lists, number of miniatures, etc. Please feel fre to ask me.
    This year, we play Qadesh.

  12. Great looking game and proves WAB is alive and well.