Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Archaic Interlude - 1st Corps Spartan

While anxiously awaiting the arrival of a few more Napoleonic figures, the 1st Corps Spartan hero has been completed. He only needed a few finishing touches and his base flocked. This is the guy who comes sans clothing, other than his bell-cuirass, greaves and Corinthian-style helmet with transverse crest.
His legs were lengthened with pins, and Green Stuff used to give him a tunic, as well as some supplementary armor. An LBMS transfer helped out on the shield's face. He's based on the illustration of  early-6th century BC Spartans from the Osprey Spartan Elite book.

The sculpting seems a bit cruder than more recently released Greeks, but has a nice appeal to him nonetheless, actually a bit heroic, I think.


  1. I have grown to love 1st Corps in the last few months. I really like this figure, you've done a good job. Like the base too!

    I put in an order for some horse archers, some slingers, some macedonians, an oxybeles and an elephant! (i just felt like having a go at one).

    These are some of the things i'll be working on in April.

  2. Consul:

    Thanks - 1st Corps (& Curteys) have an appeal unto themselves. I have some Curteys Samurai and I like them too; although they look a bit "rougher" than my TAG guys. Oh, and you won't be disapppointed with the oxybeles and crew - very nice kit. Regards, Dean

  3. The reason I got one is solely because of the stunning job you did on yours! It will act as the inspiration for mine. I will probably use it for all my Greek based armies.