Friday, February 26, 2010

28mm Napoleonic Figure Comparison (FR, Perry, Victrix, Foundry)

Here's a comparison shot of the few 28mm Napoleonic makes I have.  Of course, the poses have a lot to do with it, and none of the Front Rank Spanish Guerrillas I have are actually standing straight up - except the leader guy, but his is sort of an exaggerated pose so I didn't use him.
The Foundry figure's base is built a little higher. Some of the other Foundry in the Napoleon and Staff set are shorter than this figure. I don't have any Front Rank uniformed troops, so this comparison may not help some folks. The guerrillas are all in advancing or firing poses (leaning a bit forward at that), which should help mask any sculpting style differences.

This shot compares the Perry metal Riflemen (primed) and the Perry plastic Riflemen (painted) that came as freebies with an issue of  Wargames Illustrated last year.
The plastics seem ever so slightly thinner - but it's hard to say since there are only two of them to compare against. The only difference that I can say is for sure is that the plastics don't have cords on their shakos - whereas the metals all do. No problem with that. They will be perfect together. As you can see the guy on the far left in the photo is painted up as the 60th Rifles.

This is a nice Knotel illustration of the two famous British Rifle Regiments.

Also, an update from my local gaming store indicates he won't be getting the new Victrix Cacadores anytime soon. So, I opted to order from a vendor in the UK that doesn't charge shipping - but does charge 15% VAT as I found out during the checkout. This was the exchange rate today per Paypal: 1 USD = 0.638750 GBP. I think this is better than the same time last year - I think. I hope the Porks get here soon - I should be done with the Perry and Front Rank figures in a couple of weekends.


  1. Looking forward to the Guerillas and Cacadores!

  2. A very handy post. I have been tempted by Perrys for a long time but haven't made the leap yet. I may try to pick some up at Salute. My forces are mainly Front Rank which tend to be quite large compared to Foundry.

  3. Good to compare Dean. The differences between the Perrys, later edition Foundries and Victrix seem minimal on you post. I've found the Victrix a good 30mm from base to head/hatline - at least 2mm more than the Perrys. As you say, the basing makes a difference. I ended up mounting my Victrix on the thinner plastic bases that come with the Perrys - shaves a 1mm or so off. When mixed together, you hardly notice.

    By the way, get ready to paint some more French cav - Alan Perry just emailed me to say that the Dragoons will be out the end of March and the Hussars at the end of April - yippee!


  4. Doc:

    Whoah - If I can get some Dragoons (or Hussars) in time AND paint them up in time for a convention at the end of May - I may have to add them to the Sharp Practice scenario I already have. That's what I like about these skirmish rules - you can add just a handful of figures if you need to. Thanks for the intel update. Dean