Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trojan War Casualties

I finally got around to finishing these guys. These figures were among other Redoubt Trojan War figures I won off of ebay several years ago. They're a little too big to put on the chariot bases I use, so they'll be individually mounted. I'll probably just place them on the battlefield for looks.


  1. Dean,
    What rules are you using. And I think it was "I" you beat out on Ebay! Gosh Darn It! I have casualties mounted on hexes for markers for casualties as well as single figures (WAB for example). Great looking figures as always.
    James Mattes

  2. James:

    Just WAB so far; Chariot Wars supplement - against an Egyptian army. The last time I played, I didn't have enough archers, as my opponent's army - and didn't do too well. I now have more archers and missile troops. I don't mind trying out different rules, though. Thanks again for your kind words, Dean

  3. Great work with these casualties. I didn´t buy any because there weren´t photos in the redoubt website.

    Thank you.


  4. Andres:

    You're very welcome. I know what you mean about manufacturers without pictures of their product. However, Redoubt has (or had) a paper catalog with line drawings. Surprisingly, the drawings are quite accurate as to the actual figures. I'd have to say the entire Redoubt Trojan War range is very good - I don't have the Trojan Horse, but have pretty much everything else, including one of the ships & all are very well-done. Dean