Monday, October 12, 2009

Crusader Norman Bowmen

Here are some Norman Bowmen from Crusader. Nice sculpts and fairly easy to paint since they're wearing mail hauberks with only a few areas of exposed clothing. I actually managed to finish them in a few hours yesterday & finished flocking their bases this morning. The mail is well detailed & only needs a light dry-brushing of silver over the black undercoat. The faces & hands were give a light flesh coat and wash of Vallejo ink/stain. I don't paint eyes anymore for figures intended primarily for gaming - which speeds up the work tremendously.

These guys will be a welcome addition to my Norman army, which up till now had only crossbowmen and two-handed axemen as infantry. The crossbowmen usually perform well, but since they can't move & fire, these regular bowmen will be a nice complement. I also plan to use them in my next army - an Early-Feudal/Clerical German army.


  1. wow, nice I like the nice sculpt and off course the amazing paintjob!

    Greets the Belgian,

  2. Thanks! Yes, if you ever are looking for nice Norman-types - Crusader is a good choice. Very clean sculpting & strong poses - strong-looking & tough for gaming. Regards, Dean