Sunday, March 15, 2009

Great War - WIP

More non WAB-proper news; sorry, but I'm bitten by the "Side-Projects Bug." At least the ruleset for this is WHH's Great War rule book. I'm not in the habit of taking, much less posting, pics of unpainted lead, but I feel obligated to keep this blog alive.

So, without further ado, here are some pics of the what will be some core-units for Great War games.

First up, a platoon each of assault troops for the French & Germans; these are Old Glory "Trench Fighters" packs. In the back is an A7V (or as we like to say when we've had too much schnapps, Allgemeines Kriegsdepartement, 7. Abteilung, Verkehrswesen) German tank, also from Old Glory - I moved the exhaust pipes to where they're located in most pictures I've seen - Green Stuff'd the originally molded slots for the pipes. I also cut the track skirts a bit; they were rounded at the bottom - again, to conform to the pictures of the "real thing."Next, the "Hairy Ones" - Old Glory Poilus. The poses are quite animated; which suits the rules just fine IMO. Old Glory doesn't make WWI French in the early uniform (the one with kepis & red trousers). Which is okay, since I like the Horizon Blue uniform too. This a about a company's worth, including 37mm support guns and Chauchat (pronounced 'show-shah') LMGs.
Finally, some Old Glory German "Reservists." I know the Stahlhelm replaced the Pickelhaube in 1916, but I really like the look of the older uniform. This is about two platoon's worth of infantry. The officer & NCO fig are particularly nice. I plan to add some Jaegers from Great War Miniatures.
I'll post an update when these guys get some paint slapped on.


  1. Knowing you, that whole lot will be done in a month. :P :)
    You're too fast for us Master Dean! :)

  2. Ha! You and Dan paint up just a fast; And you guys GM all kinds of games on top of that too! BTW, I'm in a slump right now, but hope to get in the mood this weekend. I will definitely host a Great War game once these WWI guys are done.