Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Great War Update - 2

I managed to finish two platoons-worth of early-War German infantry this weekend. These are Old Glory figures. Not the most beautiful sculpts, but not bad at all for $0.87 a figure. Several are actually pretty nice, the officer, NCO, and a couple of others look okay. There are 10 figures per bag, all in different poses, so the variety is good for skirmish gaming. I opted not to go the "dip" route - yet again. I was afraid the red-piping would be lost. I used Vallejo Field Gray, mixed with white for their uniforms. To help ID the two platoons, I chose to paint their helmet covers in different colors. One in Vallejo Green Ochre, the other Field Gray. Regimental numbers on the covers were initially in red, then green, and finally left off entirely. The jackets on the figures didn't have their Bavarian cuffs sculpted, so I just painted them like they were. There were at least three different versions of the jacket throughout the war, this is the earlier version which was still worn until the end of the war. The weapons are okay, but the bayonets look stubby next the French ones. I believe this is based somewhat historically, as the French bayonets were longer & supposedly reflected their fighting spirit - at least in the first few months of the war. For the flesh, I tried a flesh wash called "Formula P3" which I picked up at the corner Games Workshop; I wasn't happy with it - ended up having to drybrush over it, as it ended up a dark pinkish-brown stain. Vallejo Ink/Stain has a nicer tone IMO.
I noticed in the pictures above, that the red numerals on the Green Ochre helmet covers look green. Here's a picture to show that the numbers are actually red - don't know why they came out looking green.
Below is a period illustration of various arms of service early in the war. There are Jagers and infantry in the foreground, with cavalry and staff in the background.
I plan to order some Great War Miniatures Jagers & MG team - especially since shipping should be free if I indicate they'll be picked up at Enfilade, courtesy of Bruce Meyers. I also have some late-War German Trench Fighters. These are the figures that actually got me into this period. The WHH Great War rulebook is a nice match.
Now, I need to get back to the French Poilus. I'm not going to use the "Dip" on them either. Maybe this weekend; after I replace our kitchen faucet; oh, and rake out the moss in the backyard.

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