Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Re-Taking of Tilltam

Here's a quick battle report w/captioned photos from a game which is part of a larger, running scenario hosted & GM'd by Wes R. Today's game (12/6/08) was fought between the forces of Marchester & Murchia - fictional entities among several others in their third year of hard campaigning. My Murchians had captured Tilltam from the Marchestrians in the previous campaign year. The Marchester forces decided to retake the village. The first relief force arrived from Sudley & a second force arrived from Marchester itself at turn 4. All the figures & scenery from today's game are from Wes' extensive collection. The game ended when Adrian's Marchestrian foot Milites defeated the Murchian Comes & his mounted Milites in combat - who fled off the table. As it is said, "He who fights & runs away, lives to fight another day!"


  1. Very nice start for your blog, Dean. How common/popular are the various supplements for WAB in the area? I have wanted to dabble in WAB for quite a while but I have never been certain of what others are playing...


  2. Greg:

    Thanks for the comment; WAB seems to be sort of hidden in the local community. I know of only a handful here in the South Puget Sound area; but are very dedicated & have a lot of enthusiasm. I understand there are some folks up North where you are that are also playing. When I stopped in Panzer Depot a few months ago, I was told some folks play up in the are. I don't know exactly all who these folks are though. As far as supplements go - the folks down here in the Tacoma area are interested in practically any era. I think Shieldwall may be the most played - mainly because most folks have armies for this period. We were also all building Samurai armies in anticipation of the Divine Wind supplement - but since this has been delayed - interests has shifted a bit. Myself & Adrian are working on fairly large (3000pt) armies for HYW - Armies of Chivalry. Oh, and most of use have armies for Hannibal & the Punic Wars - I have a Macedonian Successor army for that & Alexander the Great. Several have strong interests in El Cid too. Anyway, very happy to hear from you & if you're interested in trying out, please check out posting on the Puyallup War(gamers) site (linked) for postings of upcoming games. We're always on the lookout for more players. Warm Regards, Dean