Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some WAB Games from the Not-So Distant Past

These pictures, in no particular order, are from a series of games played at Adrian's "Edgewood Bunker" using the Shieldwall supplement. All the images can be enlarged for better viewing by clicking on them.

These pictures are from the first game we used the Hannibal & the Punic Wars supplement. As the text alludes to, we didn't have all the rules properly down - particularly the use of elephants.

These pictures are from two WAB games played at "Drumbeat" - a historical gamers convention in Seattle, WA, January 2008 .

Mycenaeans v. New Kingdom Egyptians (NKE) using the Chariot Wars supplement. The cool-looking Egyptian terrain belongs to Bruce.

The Samurai game used the basic rules as the specific WAB supplement, "Divine Wind," is yet to be released. That marvelous Japanese castle/fortress belongs to Bruce D. The big Buddha is Adrian's.

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