Friday, June 14, 2024

West Wind Bushi - WIP

Got an order of West Wind Bushi the other day, and wanted to start on them even though the TAG guys aren't finished yet. They're supposed to be lower-ranking samurai or followers. They have simple body armor without additional shoulder, arm, or leg protection. The pack of 20 figures came with separate heads, and also added a pack of helmeted heads. The sculpting isn't as nice as the TAG figures, but close enough to be mixed in with them without issues.

Comparison with TAG figures - left to right: WW, TAG, TAG, WW.
So much for now; tomorrow I've been invited to an ACW skirmish game at my buddy's place about 10 minutes away. Besides a naval game many years ago, this will be only my second ACW game I've ever played. I'm looking forward to it as my buddy usually only plays WW2 Chain of Command, so wanted to support his new endeavor. I'll post pictures and an AAR after the game. Until then, thanks again for stopping by and hope you all are doing well.


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    1. Thanks for the kind words again, Michal. Warmest regards, Dean

  2. The Westwind figures do look good Dean. I am quite surprised you have never played ACW before...from Jon's analysis of the Great Wargaming Survey, it seems ACW is right up there with US gamers (as is to be expected). Perhaps, being from Hawaii, you feel less if a connection to that particular conflict?

    1. Thanks, Keith. Yes, the figures paint up pretty nicely. As for ACW, not sure why, but that and even AWI aren't up there in my interests - gaming-wise and historically. Strange, I actually am more interested in Eurporean history than my own country. Maybe it is due to growing up in Hawaii - and not having any familial ties to ACW or AWI. Yet, as I said I love Ancient and Medieval European history. I did read a childrens version of the Iliad when I was in grade school, so maybe that's what took me down that road. Anyway, the game was fun, but still not planning on getting personally involved in the period. Kindest regards, Dean

  3. Nice looking figures, your collection is very extensive. ACW is very different from rules set to set. Looking forward to the report.