Sunday, June 16, 2013

Empire Characters for the War Altar & Hurricanum

Finished up the characters that came with the War Altar and Hurricanum. Here's Volkmar the Upset (aka Grim) riding the War Altar. He wears a bling item - the Jade Griffon which gives him the Regeneration special rule. He also wields his Staff of Command which adds +2 Strength to his close combat attacks from the altar. I plan to use the model as a Battle Wizard as he costs too much as Volkmar.
Here's the Arch Lector who can channel Power and Dispel dice the same as Wizards. He also know three Battle Prayers which act as augment spells. The Horn of Sigmar next to him causes Terror on a charged enemy unit.
Here they are on their magnetic infantry bases.
On to the figures from the Hurricanum (and Luminark) kit. Three figures come with this kit and at least one of them can be used as a Wizard - which is what I have done. Here's one of the Acolytes on the forward platform of the Hurricanum. As he holds a cool staff, he could also double as a Wizard.
Here's the actual Wizard model from the kit. With the long cape, he looks more appropriate as a Wizard.
Here's the other Acolyte carrying all the scrolls and such - a pretty cool figure with lots of character.
All of the figures are magnetized and can be removed from the Hurricanum and placed on infantry bases if needed. The Wizard will be on foot and attached to one of the infantry units.
Next up is a Great Cannon. It is an older metal model that Guy Bowers gave to me as a gift when he visited us last month for Enfilade!


  1. LOL! Thanks again for the kind words, Scott. Best, Dean

  2. Incredible work. I love all the little contraptions and devices all over these machines. Must be fun to have them out there in a battle.

  3. Great work very detailed Dean !

  4. These looks seriously great Dean. Who Cares about point its all about smiting the Empires foes!

  5. Thank all for the kind words and interest in the Empire :) These are very amusing to see on the table top. Best, Dean

  6. Very nicely done Dean and well thought out to get the most from them.


  7. Great crew! I especially love the librarian sagging under the weight of all the scrolls.

  8. a lot of very impressive machines. great photo's.

  9. Thanks for the kind words. I built this army more for looks than actual battle play. Probably better to have a unit of archers instead of one of them :) Best, Dean