Monday, February 11, 2013

54mm Polish Winged Hussar

Thanks to a free download from Wargames Designs of a very nice lance pennant, the Winged Hussar is completed.
The lance is a brass rod with a plastic bead for the hand guard. The lance head was fashioned from plastic sprue.

Polish Hussar lances (kopia) were very long - about 4.5 to 5.5 meters which tended to outdistance their enemies lances. This site contains some interesting information on the weapon.
Here are some close ups of the figure.
Painting him was sort of cathartic - I don't feel I "have" to get a box of those Warlord Games Winged Hussars - at least for the time being.



  1. Thank you, Dean.
    Demonstration of mastery.

  2. Awesome work Dean! A great looking model.

  3. Dean, the flag of the lance should have colors: white and red, with you there is an error: red and white. Red and white, the colors of Monaco is not Polish :)


  4. That's a lovely figure indeed. As to the lance pennant the colours varied it seems. Some were white over red (like the Polish flag) some red over white (Prince Stanislaw Lubomirski) and some other colours (black and yellow, yellow and red etc.)
    Most later lancer regiments of those countries who copied the Polish style lancers had red over white so I would guess this was the prevalent arrangement.

  5. Very Nice. I am glad to see that you are painting again. Are you going to do a submission for the WAB GT?

  6. Thanks again for the great comments, everyone.

    Slawek: I wondered which color should be in the top portion of the pennant; as Legatus mentioned there are illustrations for both - but with your background and heritage I will have to defer to you :)

    Warm regards all, Dean

  7. Wonderful Dean! I've got a few regiments of these (28mm of course!) and they were a delight to paint but if you really want to go mad the lance was also done barber's pole style in red and white (or white over red to be Polishly correct!) How nice is it painting up scale at 54mm for a change?


  8. Thanks again for the nice comments everyone. Best, Dean

  9. Stunning..yet again a reason that this year at Enfilade! I am signing up for one of your games if nothing else to just see your handiwork up close. Stunning said with a huge level of awe mixed with jealousy. ;-)

  10. wow Dean, so much detail, excellent work

  11. Thanks for the kind comments, Gentlemen - truly appreciated. Warm regards, Dean

  12. An excellent peice of restoration work, well done you Sir!

    Best wishes, Brian

  13. Thanks for the kind words, Brian. Best, Dean

  14. Doing a little catch up after a busy week... :o)

    Your Hussar really turned out great. Very nice job adding (making) the lance and pennant.

    I still think you need to paint up a box of those Warlord Games figs. ;-)