Monday, December 10, 2012

T.A.G. Song Cavalry - WIP +1

Started on the riders - just a little tidbit, but I'm trying to get back into painting more.
I can't figure out what kind of weapon the third guy on the right is holding in both hands (like large maracas). It's from the  pack with "exotic" weapons. The Ancient Chinese sure came up with some strange weapons.

Here is  link to some nice images of Ming Chinese. I plan to use these Song guys as Ming allies for a Korean Imjin War army.


  1. A pair of maracas?? :-) This is going to be a pretty sweet looking unit when it's finished.


  2. the grenade comment was from me, forgot to sign in , oops!

  3. Hey, thanks guys! Maybe I should paint them as maracas - see if anyone notices ;)! Happy Holidays, Dean