Monday, November 5, 2012

Old Glory Viking Ship - WIP +1

Here are the rowing crew. Again, a stain of Minwax Tudor Satin over a block paint job - Testors Dullcote'd too.
I may add highlights to the clothing, but I wanted to show the results of just the stain and basic painting.
The crew were painted with basic colors already attached to their seats.
After staining and Dullcote.
Next up are the helmsman and leader, as well fabricating a mast and furled sail.


  1. I gotta try that stain, the difference in the two pics is remarkable, the stain brings the figures to life.

  2. Very impressive, Dean! Love the staining on the longship.

  3. Very nice work Dean. Really impressed with the look of the crew.

  4. Better and better! A wonderful work!

  5. That's a great start, highlights and fine detailing on the rowers is must. The ship looks quite good like that. Look forward to your sail work as I have plastic model that will probably get a furled sail also.

  6. I can feel my resolve weakening! Such a great job you are doing on this Dean.

  7. Thanks again everyone for the great comments and interest in this project.

    Ray: I agree - the stain has quite a remarkable effect on an admittedly quick and basic paint job.

    PC: Okay - you've convinced me to add some highlights :)

    Best to all, Dean

  8. Fantastic job Dean, really like this model. Might have to go get one for my Viking forces! Thanks a lot!!