Saturday, April 7, 2012

Foundry Napoleonics - WIP +1

Finished the Hungarian guys - they're in the older headgear, but I'll let them fight all the way up to Leipzig, if needed.
As with the previously painted Austrians in the rear, they are awaiting a stain of Minwax. The stain will be applied when the rest of the units are painted - figure staining them all at once will save on clean up time. Next up a small detachment of Neuchatel voltigeurs.


  1. this is a cool set of guys, well done!

  2. Thanks, Gents! Appreciate your interest and comments. Best, Dean

  3. What brand white do you use? It covers the black very well.

  4. James:

    For white, I've been using Vallejo for a long time. Before that I used to use craft store types - Americana/Ceramcoat - but those don't cover well without lots of coats. Dean