Friday, March 9, 2012

Foundry Russian Cuirassiers - WIP

Riders are done; granted only 9 - the unit will need at least another 3. As these are older Foundry models, they are slightly smaller than the current generation of Napoleonics. Not matter - they'll be fine on the table; especially when the cannons roar.
They're painted with green facings to represent the Klein Russland Regiment. The metallic areas were touched up a bit after the Testors Dullcote - to bring the shine back.
Here is how they looked prior to the Minwax stain. I used a black undercoat to allow for blacklining prior to the stain. There wasn't a dramatic change from this to the stain. I think I may need to get another can of stain since this one is just about empty and I had to add some thinner to the remnants as it's getting dry. Probably get a new can after I use this one up for the horses.
Speaking of which, as I was preparing the horses I found that one of them had a missing foot. I super-glued a section of a paperclip to the offending area and then added some Green Stuff.


  1. WOW!!! your napoleonic models are Impresive!!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Gentlemen!

  3. These are very fine indeed Dean, I particularly like the trumpeter. Congrats on the green stuff veterinary work.
    Regards HGA

  4. Stunning work Sir! Very generous of you not to retire the old charger with the poorly hoof!

  5. Coming along really well Dean. Nice repair.

  6. Excellent paint job Dean, well done sir!

  7. Damn nice work Dean, I've always liked the Foundry napoleonics....

  8. Marvelous stuff as usual Dean! Really makes me wish I had planned for a Borodino project before my other stuff!

    Intersting use of woodstain BTW. Maybe I need to try that as well since I have never been too happy with The Dip and never dared to use it on Napoleonics with all their whites!

    Have a nice weekend!

  9. Thanks again for your kind words everyone.

    DHC - When I first started using the stain, I too had reservations of the whites, but the stain doesn't overly darken it. You can also dab at the whites with some thinner too if you want it to lighten more.

    Best, Dean

  10. Uh oh here come the Russian hordes, nice work Dean. Just a thought have you tried the stain as a 1st coat and work thinned colour (glaze) over top. I tried something similar on my RHA figs for the leather on their breeches, not stain mind but it was a very dark brown wash.


  11. Dave:

    Thanks for the tip; I once did use an ink stain over the Minwax Tudor. I had used the Minwax over a basecoat of what I thought was a good foundation for flesh on a horde of naked Gauls. The result was a bit too stark - yellowish - so I applied a flesh wash over the stain. It came out better. Dean