Saturday, November 12, 2011

NHMGS Game Day - Museum of Flight - 11/12/11

Thanks to Kevin Smyth and crew, another great game day was held at the Boeing Museum of Flight. As always, the games are held under the SR-71 Blackbird.
This year, I finally played a Wings of War game - hosted by Lloyd B. He really made the game easy to understand and accommodated players of all ages and experience (or lack thereof as in my case). I really liked the rules and love the pre-painted aircraft. Actually I've always admired the models, but didn't want to get them if I didn't like the rules - I guess I'll be getting a couple soon.
There were three or four games in the morning period, Wings of War being one of them. Here are a couple of the other morning games.
There were several DBA games going on also. In the afternoon, I got into Bruce M.'s Robot Gladiatorial game - this was another fun game and the first time I played a set of gladiator rules. Bruce's rules are always geared for fast-play and no sitting around being bored. However, that said, most of the players, myself included, kept rolling incredibly bad and the fighting was a bit more prolonged than he had intended.

All in all, another great time and what a great venue. Kevin being an educator gets us in with free passes as it is Educators Day. Due to low-lighting in most of the aircraft display areas, I didn't take any pictures of the awesome number of WWI and WWII aircraft. However, I did want a picture of this model of a German airship. It looked just too cool - sort of VSFish.
Here's link to Dave S's blog with more photos of the event - including closeups of the Axis & Allies WW2 air game - and a nice review of the game. Sounds like something else I will pick up.


  1. Great inspiration. I am now working for a small aviation museum and have passed on a link to you blog entry along with a suggestion that I'd like to try a game day once we're open. (Our building is currently under construction.)

    I'm very curious about the rules for air race game, given our history here in Cleveland.

    I'm also going to keep my eyes open for that A&A air game.

  2. Zero23:

    I see you have been hot on a WWI aircraft project yourself. As far as the Air Race rules - I read on Kevin Smyth's blog that Dave S. is the author of those rules - here's Dave's blog - I didn't see him mentioning the rules there, but maybe he can send you some info. Best, Dean