Sunday, February 8, 2009

Napoleonic Skirmish Side-Project

Okay, this isn't WAB-per say, but I read that Rob Broom played a Napoleonic game using a variant of Warmaster. Who knows, I have the WHH Great War rule book & wouldn't Napoleonics only be about a hundred years earlier? WAB spans millenia. Anyway, this is my first small-scale painting of Napoleonic uniforms since my Airfix days many years ago. It is tedious work! All the cross-belts, straps, and whatnots! I don't think they're any harder than Ancients, but the uniformity (heh heh heh) really is tiring. Here's a WIP picture of my first box of Victrix - British Peninsular War Center Company guys. Still need to finish the bases (metal washers - approx. 21mm) of the "rankers." Next up: drummers, sergeants & officers.


  1. Holy Shmoly Deanman... you are a painting machine! I'm jealous! So when are you going to host a game!? :)

  2. Adrian:

    For this Peninsular War project, I'm waiting for Victrix to release their French set next month (March). Then some terrain (maybe a church or something). I'm hoping the Sharpe Practice game this Saturday is what I'm looking for for rules.