Friday, March 30, 2012

Aloha from Hawaii

Visiting my family for a week. Here is a cool set of replica Hawaiian edged weapons. One is ringed with Tiger shark teeth and the other has a Billfish bill for a spear tip.
This is a nice spear; this one with a large Marlin bill for a spear point.
Stopped in Shirokiya for lunch and had to get this gratuitous photo - I think the Sengoku armor is authentic. The metal plates had what appeared to be remnants of a leather facing.
My other car's a tank. This is in front of the museum at Battery Randolph in Waikiki.
Honolulu Geek Central - the infamous "Other Realms"
Don't worry this was just the first morning, I did get out to see the waves at Diamond Head. My old stomping grounds.
Heading out to a niece's birthday now - also another birthday on Sunday at Magic Island. One plus for not living here anymore is missing all the gatherings of relatives - almost every week!


  1. Love those teethed weapons and the japanese bits.

    Really, seems like a very nice place to be.

  2. You wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of one of those! Have a great holiday.

  3. Enjoy your trip! Hawaii is such a lovely place!

  4. The weapons look awesome, I'd love to visit the Geek centre, looks cool!!!

  5. Thanks & Aloha everyone. Dean

  6. I'm with Schrumpfkopf. I love weaponry.

  7. Nice pics thanks for sharing.
    Just have a care if going for a swim, wouldnt want one of those sets of teeth coming towards you for a closer look!

  8. Very cool Dean - love the pics. Awesome weapons. The old Battery museum and the little Japanese tank in front brought back memories. Once lived in Kailua for a while & Hawaii is one of my favourite parts of the world. You get to Pearl, the Memorial and the Missouri? The submarine they have there is pretty cool too. [sigh] Wanna be back there now!


  9. Dean...excellent photos, what a great place to live